Animal Farm

d'après George Orwell

Spectacle en langue anglaise

Mise en scène de Gaspard Legendre

Avec Tomás Barry, Conrad Jones Bragan, Glyn Connop, Bastian Tyrko, Tony Wadham

Nouvelle adaptation : Paul Stebbings
Musique : John Kenny
Chorégraphies : Franck Ragueneau


Durée : 85 min

A propos

George Orwell conceived of the perfect metaphor for his political and social beliefs in the creation of ANIMAL FARM (1944/45). The book’s balance between farmyard fable and crystal clear political analysis is unique. It remains constantly up to date; sadly the Totalitarianism and cynical manipulation of ideology is as present in today’s world as in 1944. Right and Left have combined to exploit and pervert the book: Stalin’s agents at the BBC manged to delay its publication, the CIA funded the distorted 1950’s cartoon version and Orwell himself struggled to delay the US publication until he could ensure that it was not used as a weapon against Socialism. It is often forgotten that the ultimate target of the book is Capitalism as much as Stalinism. Napoleon the Dictator Pig enters into agreements with the Farmers to restore capitalism to Manor Farm. The purpose of his grab for piggy power is to make money. The hens fail to keep their eggs which are sold, even the workhorse Boxer is sold for glue. Dictatorial power is a means to ensure wealth and comfort of the Pigs and their enforcers (dogs). The other Animals foolishly believe they are working for equality and a better future for all. As usual, Orwell seeks a complexity and balance and does not preach.

Orwell seeks a complexity and balance and does not preach.